Sunday, August 12, 2012

Wind Powered Cars; We Have the Technology - Is the Business Viable?

We seem to have the necessary technologies to make wind-powered cars, which use lasers to create artificial horizontal tornadoes or vortex airflows and the suction would propel the car down the road. But would it be a good business to get into to start manufacturing them? Well that my friends is a whole other story indeed.
Due to the DOT rules in the US and the over lawyering it seems that without a special class for "Experimental" custom car kits it might be difficult try to run as a Rule Breaker, before becoming a rule maker although that in itself is also interesting. I would not be afraid to take the world by the balls again, but it needs proper funding and some really mean lawyers to run block and sack anyone who steps off the sidewalk to curb our forward progress you see.
You have to play to win and the level you are inquiring about. That takes a maverick and hardliner entrepreneur, which we are also lacking due to the political correctness of our modern societies. There are a few out there, I am not alone by any means. And well, we do not believe in "Can't" or "impossible" or "Never" we believe in "Show Me" and winning. So this is where I stand firmly and we are a group who Never Ever Ever Gives Up. You watch the future is much more promising than you think, but it will tank an entrepreneur to pull off such a business model. Consider this in 2006.

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