Monday, August 12, 2013

Corporate On Site Car Washing in New Jersey Technology Office Parks

Mobile car washing is very popular in the United States, but does it make sense to launch such a business of this type in New Jersey? Is on site car washing in the Garden State a viable small business for someone? Recently a gentleman lamented on the huge corporations and Pharmaceutical Companies in Trenton and other large corporate office parks and how that would certainly be a perfect place for a mobile car wash company.
Indeed, I too have observed what he has seen in NJ and totally agree. Very similar to many places we operate. ( The question comes down to; Would Corporate On Site Car Washing in New Jersey Technology Office Parks be a Viable Business for someone. Well, consider that you can typically charge the same or slightly higher than the car wash due to convenience factor at Corporate Lots.
Of course we all know that the breakeven points and Return on Investment really depends on initial investment. The profit and loss depends on the efficiency and business acumen of the small businessperson who must always consider the distance between jobs, route efficiency and labor costs.
So, there is no way in heck to know the breakeven points or ROI now, before one gets further into it. Nevertheless no one can doubt that there is an abundance of dirty cars in the Capital of New Jersey; Trenton and there will certainly be an overwhelming demand there. Consider all this in 2006.

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